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Tips for Buying a Home Near Manhattan in 2017

Tips for Buying a Home Near Manhattan in 2017

If you have taken the vow to purchase a home, its time to get moving with these tips for buying a home near Manhattan in 2017. Even if you are months away from hiring an agent and touring homes, the things you do now will greatly assist you in pursing the dream of homeownership. After all it’s a very large decision.

Let us help you with these tips for buying a home near Manhattan in 2017

Start a Home Fund: Saving for your down payment is a very time consuming thing to do. Especially when your direct deposit probably sends your entire paycheck to one account. Set up a savings account and put money in it every month. Even if its just a small amount, it puts you in better control of your timeline. Naturally, its best to save as much as you can!

Credit Cleansing: 
Flex those credit muscles and keep them clean! When applying for a mortgage, your lender is going to want to see consistent evidence of your ability to pay off past debt. Make sure to stay on top of the most common ways to rack up debt, pay your college loans, credit cards and car. However, if you have no credit at all, its time to start building it. Furthermore once you start with bills make sure you pay them ALL on time.

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Budget to the MAX: These days with technology and devices budgeting could be a breeze. Whether you prefer pen and paper or to take the tech savvy route ( is a great option), ensure you are managing your finances properly so you can add to that “Start a home fund”. Reevaluating your budget and downsizing spending will assist you immensely in becoming a homeowner.

Get Handy: A perk of renting is not have to worry about fixing issues that may arise. Once you become a property owner it’s very helpful to be able to roll up your sleeves and get projects done yourself. Basic knowledge of fixing things can save you thousands. Electrical shorts, basic plumbing issues or repairing dry wall are just a few of the things you can master before purchasing a home. This helps ensure you aren’t making constant calls to your local handy man and dishing out unnecessary money.

Most Importantly….

Consult a Real Estate Pro: As a buyer you are not responsible to pay a realtor fee. However, majority of sellers will be looking to a real estate agent for guidance and knowledge. Its important that you have an expert agent on your side as well. Make sure you are working with a professional who is looking out for you! If you would like more tips for buying a home near Manhattan in 2017 contact our team!