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Dear Sheera:

I am writing you letter to you to say thank you.  You had a lot of patience with me and we had a few good laughs.

You are a very dedicated realtor.  The first time I met you you were showing the condo I was selling and I was amazed that a little person like you climbed up into my attic. No other realtor ever did that.  When you heard I was going to look for places to live you reached out to me and offered to be my realtor and help me find the beautiful condo I am now living in.

Who would have guessed we would not only be near by neighbors but also become friends.

I will value this friendship forever and will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a caring and down to earth realtor and so sincere.

Thank you again for being who you are sweet and dedicated and that is what people need today in a realtor.

With Warmest Regards:
Barbara A. Engelbrecht