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Nahndi and Loring

Dear Sheerlee,
We thought you’d like to know, we have a new phrase in our vocabulary because of you. When Loring and I are in search of vendors now, whether for landscaping, accounting, or people we deal with at our children’s schools, we say, “we need a Sheerlee for this”. That’s because you’ve set the bar now for what we are looking for in personal service. From the first opportunity we had to speak by phone I could tell you were very, very serious about attracting and keeping clients. We weren’t even ready to commit to an agent at the time, but you were no match for us after the first showing we did with you. Your dedication, warmth, thoroughness and constant commitment to making sure we were taken care of in every way made the process of buying our new home and selling our old one better in every way. You are a joy to work with, a pit bull as an advocate, and the only person we would want to use going forward to handle our real estate needs. Sheera was a delight as well, and you guys make a great team. Thank you so much for your outstanding work, and we wish you all the best.

Warmest regards,

Nahndi and Loring
October 16, 2016