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Ruth and Jim

Dear Sheerlee:

Well it has been 2 months since the house closing and our move to North Carolina. We are finally beginning to settle in and this note is overdue. We cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put in to the sale of our home of 37 years in the Township. Your experience as a realtor along with your extensive knowledge of the local market were key factors in our choosing you and Keller-Williams as our realtor.

It allowed us to come south to look for a new home while putting our house on the market at the same time.

Who knew the house would sell in 2 days? Who knew we would be doing contracts long distance. I believe it sold because you knew the true value in the current market and saw the positives in the house. The “bones” as you called it. The research you did on sale prices of comparable homes was way above and beyond what we expected. You always understood how stressful this time was for us and answered every concern/question we had.

So many people want to be treated as professionals but don’t want to put the effort into being that professional. Sheerlee you truly are a professional.

We have already recommended you to all our friends who are thinking of retiring in the near future and will be thrilled to do the same to anybody we know is in the market to sell. In addition you set us up with a K-W realtor down here who was also a true professional and worked very hard in helping us find our perfect retirement home.

This started as a business transaction and we feel we ended up with a friend. Again thank you for your professionalism.

We would be more than happy to do anything more for you. Our current phone number is 910-833-7021 and please feel free to give it to anyone you are selling for that might want our recommendation.

Hope all is well with you and your family–love to keep in touch!!

Ruth and Jim