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Westwood, NJ Homes – Bergen County Real Estate for Sale

This cozy borough boasts a thriving commercial district, historic sections, and a good dose of natural beauty – lush parks, ponds, and brooks – that anyone who comes to live here will surely appreciate.

Also called “the hub of Pascack Valley,” Westwood is the most heavily populated municipality in New Jersey’s Bergen County, with over 11,000 residents. At 2.3 square miles, it’s filled with desirable neighborhoods and gorgeous homes. named Westwood the 28th safest town with a population of over 10,000 in 2016. On top of the town’s general safety, there’s a volunteer ambulance corps and fire department that serves the borough.

Westwood, NJ Real Estate – Bergen County Homes for Sale

Westwood has a warm, family-friendly feel with a lifestyle that’s relaxed and down-to-earth. The housing stock is made up of single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condos.

The average single-family home can have as many as three bedrooms. There’s a mix of older homes, which were built sometime in the 1920s, and newer ones. The former can mostly be found in the town’s historic sections, like Goodwin Park, which feature an abundance of architectural styles including ranch, split-level, Cape Cod, and Colonial.

The borough’s mid-sized apartment complexes, rental condos, and townhouses typically cater to young professionals who commute to work in Manhattan and residents looking to downsize.

If you’re interested in Westwood real estate, please call the MischelGroup at (201) 851-1781 or send an email to

Westwood schools typically get high ratings from rating sites like The community is served by the Westwood Regional School District, along with the nearby borough of Washington Township.

The town is home to the following top-performing schools:

  • Berkeley Avenue Elementary, a K-5 school
  • Brookside Elementary on Lake Drive, a K-5 school
  • Brookside Elementary on Third Avenue, which serves grades six to seven students

Here’s the morning train schedule from Westwood to NYC:

Departure Transfer Arrival Travel Time
05:32 AM
Pascack Valley #1602
Arrive 06:09 AM
Secaucus Junction

Depart 06:16 AM
Morris & Essex #6604
06:29 AM 57 minutes
06:17 AM
Pascack Valley #1604
Arrive 06:56 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 07:08 AM
Northeast Corridor #3814
07:21 AM 64 minutes
06:58 AM
Pascack Valley #1608
Arrive 07:38 AM
Secaucus Junction

Depart 07:44 AM
Northeast Corridor #3920

07:58 AM 60 minutes
07:14 AM
Pascack Valley #1610
Arrive 07:54 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 08:03 AM
Northeast Corridor #3124
08:18 AM 64 minutes
07:38 AM
Pascack Valley #1612
Arrive 08:09 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 08:17 AM
Northeast Corridor #3126
08:32 AM 54 minutes
07:47 AM
Pascack Valley #1614
Arrive 08:26 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 08:34 AM
North Jersey Coast #3504
08:47 AM 60 minutes
08:01 AM
Pascack Valley #1616
Arrive 08:39 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 08:46 AM
Northeast Corridor #3714
09:01 AM 60 minutes
08:32 AM
Pascack Valley #1620
Arrive 09:11 AM
Secaucus Junction
Depart 09:18 AM
Morris & Essex #6624
09:31 AM 59 minutes

Visit the NJ Transit website to see the full train schedule.

There are three bus itineraries to choose from, with the third one being a one-hour commute:

Itinerary Departure Boarding Arrival
#1 8:42 AM

Broadway at Washington Ave

Bus No 165R to New York RT 4 Express 9:41 AM

Port Authority Bus Terminal

#2 8:51 AM

Broadway at Washington Ave

Bus No 165T to New York Turnpike Exp 10:06 AM

Port Authority Bus Terminal

#3 9:31 AM

Broadway at Washington Ave

Bus No 165T to New York Turnpike Exp 10:41 AM

Port Authority Bus Terminal


Westwood is immensely walkable and it’s easy to get around here without a car. Downtown Westwood, which spans the length of Broadway, Westwood Avenue, and Center Avenue, is filled with trendy shops, bars, and restaurants.

Apart from the commercial district, there are numerous other shopping options for you to enjoy.

  • Uptown Art promises to give customers “a social art experience.” Get your creative juices flowing at their classes, where you can learn to paint while enjoying your favorite drink and meeting others who share your passion for art. The place can also be reserved for private parties.
  • Treat yourself to homemade peanut butter ice cream and marshmallow bars at the iconic Conrad’s Confectionery – a popular spot among kids and anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Come to Mezza Westwood for some tzatziki, baba ganoush, and baked eggplant parmesan.   
  • Toy collectors will love Hollywood Heroes and its massive inventory of action figures, comic books, apparel, and other collectibles. Aside from selling pop culture merchandise, the store also buys rare collections from private sellers.

Living in Westwood brings you the comforts of suburban living along with the excitement of an urbane environment. Talk to us at the Mischel Group at (201) 851-1781 or send an email to and we’ll help you find a home in the borough.